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For durable and aesthetically pleasing tiles, contact Kiwi Complete Bathrooms


Welcome to Kiwi Complete Bathrooms, where our curated Tiles collection empowers you to redefine your space with elegance and creativity.


Whether it's Indoor Tiles that bring life to your interiors or Outdoor Tiles that extend beauty to your outdoor areas, our selection caters to every design aspiration. Enhance the allure of your tiles with our comprehensive range of Tile Grout and Tile Adhesive, ensuring a seamless and lasting finish that adds value to your spaces.

For a wide range of tiles to choose from, contact Kiwi Complete Bathrooms

For more information on any of our tile products, contact Kiwi Complete Bathrooms

  • Where can I find a bathroom showroom near me?
    Kiwi Complete Bathrooms provides bathroom furniture and more to customers in Kildare.
  • What kind of bathroom products are available?
    Our products include bathroom furniture, tiles, radiators and more.
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